let me introduce myself..

my name is achal c p

from no where…

i am _____ years old (not gonna say)

am a very optimistic person…

my policy in life is “yolo” ‘you only live once’…

it just one life…

you don’t wanna make it ugly….right??

am a foodie, a nature lover, crazy for cars,guitarist,heavy gamer…

am a person who lives in the moment..




22 thoughts on “About

  1. And when you get a bit older . . . Correction: IF you get to be a bit older šŸ™‚ you’ll find that you may enjoy more of life it you can make it last longer, thus see where you are going and think things through before you dive into things! But while you’re still here: Thanks for subscribing to my blog with more than 4000 ‘full screen pictures’ from Norway. New pictures will be posted regularly. Please enjoy! šŸ™‚

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