Hello, good morning ladies n gentlemen.

How you all doing out there? Good right?. Please let me know if you guys get into any trouble, i can help you mentally.

So guys for sometime i haven’t posted any blogs because for my undergraduate studies i moved to the it pub of india/ silicon valley  of india ”bangalore”. Am doing bachelor of computer applications here in christ university bangalore.

Its actually my first time living away from my family and it feels a little awkward, to be frank. Met new people from different places of the world.  People from all over india.

Bachelor of computer application is meant for those who are really into  computers and have the curiosity to learn new things about computer. Computer programming, networking, security, hardware development, software development are basic syllabus in bca.

Apart from that bca provides fundamental mathematics and statistics.english is also there as a subject.

Now coming to my university — christ university bangalore, its one of the best autonomous university in india. Its situated in the heart of bangalore city. The university spans about 60 acres of land. Having a total of 8 buildings and 18 cafeterias. The university have a large ground for football. It has two volleyball courts, two basketball courts, one tennis court and two tt tables.

The campus is a zero waste campus and eco-friendly too.

The faculty of every department are experts in their field of teaching, and computer science department faculty is the best in the university(supporting my department), it doesn’t mean other departments are bad or anything, they are the best in the country.

Homesickness do come at times but we have to be independent in order to be a better person in the future, and don’t ever give up on dreams. Only when you go out of your comfort zone you improve yourself.

Remember you only live once.

Be yolo,

Be happy peepy.



7 thoughts on “BANGALORE DIARIES.

  1. Where ever u r , I knw that u r gonna ROCK …..Bangalore is the city of DREAMS na???….so its perfect for u ….May God Bless U Buddy

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  2. Excellent writing Brother… happy to know that you know so much about your college in such a short period of time. I am so much inspired by your words. So proud to have you as my brother….plzzz continue your writing…


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