Back to nature. 

Yello guys, how you all doing?

Today I got late still posting. Today the topic is going back to nature.

Tell me….is it BIG forest or big concrete forest that excites you. For me it was big concrete forest that we have build up over the decades. But after knowing and understanding life I turned my thinking and thoughts. Only by going back we can be ourselves. We all have technology now, we can connect with each other, I could write and post blog, it’s all possible only through technology. But remember people were entertained better than netflix by cuckoo bird once, we were connecting better with people before the internet. 

Technology sure is necessary, but sustaining nature is much more necessary. 

All the water scarcity, all the terror we have now is only the aftermath of burning down strands of mother nature. We should responsible enough to grow forest than concrete forests. We are borrowing everything from the next generation. It’s our duty to use it wisely. 

This post is for doers and not for someone who sits in front of  TV and smartphone doing nothing. 

Get out . Get going. 



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