Remember : WE ARE BORN TO DIE.

After long time on my blog, sorry guys duty calls.
There were many a times that I have seen people boasting around and doing nothing, kind of hate that kind of people.
Then other kind of people who lives just to hurt others, they are life’s real terrorist, causing explosions were they interfere in our life.
There are jealous people, arrogant people, useless ones, many a type of them, they have lost their ability to just remember that we are born to die, we leave everything we earned, friends, family, everything we possess.
“We come naked and we go naked”
There will be many a times you my have encountered such persons or you may have been one of them. It’s how we are wired inside our brain, but we have to have that ability just to make sure we cut ourselves a better path than others.

Do what you can,  become what you should, live you.
Be Yolo be happy peepy.

@yolo life happy peepy

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